Monday, April 27, 2009

Make or Do (Make эсвэл Do-г хэрэглэх)

I think you`re ______ a big mistake. Doing/making

We need to ______ a plan. Make/do

Harry is bringing something to drink and I
`m going to ______ a cake. Make/do

`re more likely to ______ harm than good. Make/do

`m going to ______ you an offer you can`t refuse. Make/do

Can I ______ a suggestion? Make/do

You need to ______ some more work. Make/do

I hate ______ the housework. Making/doing

I hate ______ the beds. Making/doing

I like ______ the cooking. Making/doing

I think we should ______ an exception in this case. Make/do

Can you ______ me a favour? Make/do

`s not the sort of person you can ______ business with. Make/do

You must be quiet. You mustn
`t ______ a noise. Make/do

`s not what we want. We`ll just have to ______ the best of it. Make/do

`re always ______ excuses for him. Making/doing

Thanks for ______ me a good turn. Making/doing

Do you mind if I ______ a phone call? Make/do

The company is ______ huge profits. Making/doing

You can
`t ______ much money as an English teacher. Make/do

* Англи хэлэнд Make, Do гэдэг 2 үйл үг маань 2 уулаа "Хийх" гэсэн утгатай боловч аль "Хийх" гэдэг үйл үгийг хаана ямар үед хэрэглэх вэ гэдэгийг та дээрх хичээлээс мэдэж авч болно.

* Зөв хариултуудийг тодруулан бичлээ.

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