Sunday, February 27, 2011

The LION & the MOUSE

One day a great lion lay asleep in the sunshine

A little mouse ran across his paw and woke him up.

The great lion grabbed the little mouse and lifted him up by his tail. The little mouse cried, "Oh please, let me go lion, some day I may help you."

The lion laughed at the thought that the little mouse could be of any use to him. But he was a good-natured lion, and set the mouse free.

long after, the lion was caught in a net. He tugged and pulled with all his might, but the ropes were too strong. Then he roared loudly.The little mouse heard him, and ran to the spot where the lion was stuck.

"Be still, dear lion, and I will set you free. I will chew on the ropes until they break." With his sharp little teeth, the mouse cut the ropes, and the lion came out of the net.

"You laughed at me once," said the mouse, "You thought I was too little to help you. But see, a tiny, little mouse can do great things."

From that day on, the lion respected the animals smaller than him and kept his kind-hearted ways whenever he saw an animal in need.

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